Small-town romance serial has new chapters available

If you’re into small-town romances about friendship, family and love, you’ll find characters to love and cheer for in this online novel I’m writing. I started to write it a few years back and thought I’d rewrite it on my blog as a way to remain motivated to make it a better story. What I found instead is a new point of view and an entirely new story with similar themes and the same lovable characters.

There are now 24 chapters to read and I’m adding new chapters weekly. Check it out, drop me your comments, and share! http://www.hanahawly.comTomahawkHilltheNoveltomahawk hill-34


Smalltown Romance e-book Free online

It’s an online serial I’ve been adding to each week called, Tomahawk Hill. I wrote this book forever ago but hadn’t signed or released it anywhere. It has been a huge block in my creative process because I love the little world I created and the characters I’ve come to know.

So… I was inspired to do something new. Rewrite it as I go, releasing each chapter as I finish it. So it’s not perfect, but it’s there and it’s free and I’m sharing it and that’s all that matters.

I’m up to chapter 17 now! So if you haven’t read until now, join us! And if you’ve been waiting for chapter 17, I hope to have 18 here for you by the end of the week!

Tomahawk Hill: an online novel

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A free e-book is available on my website!

If you like to read: contemporary romance, commercial fiction, and women’s fiction, you’ll be swept up in this smalltown romance about a hotel billionaire and an LA writer who find themselves on the opposite sides of the same cause.

Read the novel chapter by chapter on my website. Tomahawk Hill a novel by Hana HawleyTomahawk Hill-6

A Chapter from my new book Searching for Seoul- CHAPTER: IOWA

Welcome to the neighborhood, Hana, Sara, and David! Congratulations, Floyd and Mary! In the picture, three neighbor kids, freckled, blond and Velcro-sneakered, stand beneath the sign they’ve taped to our new mom and dad’s garage door.

Beneath this photo, is one of the three of us; transplants with similar blunt haircuts and coordinating seersucker outfits, sitting in the back of a brown Crown Victoria Station Wagon (later we dubbed her, Miss Vicky). The back seat has been turned down to create a kind of playpen in the rear of the car so that the three of us can sit together. There are toys everywhere. In the photo, I’m pressing a plastic phone the size of my head to my ear, my little brother looks caught, in the lens of the camera and my sister sits, holding a doll in her lap.

Looking at the photo now, I think we look a little stunned, as though we’re suspending our belief, terrified that we could wake-up at any moment to discover that all this–the toys, the smiling, teary adults–are a figment of our imaginations. But when we awake the next morning, the three of us stretched-out on mom and dad’s king-sized bed, it is all still true. (READ the rest of the chapter on my website



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Hanako and Jiro are Facing Some Big Changes…

Head on over to to read the latest about Hanako and Jiro’s adventures in Japan. A lot has happened since we caught up with them last. How will these changes impact their relationship? Chapters 22 and 23 are up. Click the link to read.

Hanako and Jiro in Japan


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The One About Mehwedge (cue the priest in The Princess Bride)

Hanako despised the way their conversations entered a freefall of chaotic words and too tender feelings. The way they could pick apart each other’s sentences like birds pecking at nearly bare bones. At these moments, Hanako often felt as though she would rather die than admit she could have said or done things differently.

Read More at Hanako and Jiro in Japan on hanahawley.com20900555_10159242825260486_1449717507173538304_o