About Me


Photo by Alicia Cho in her LA garden.

I live in Los Angeles with my musician/model/actor husband.  I’m proud to say people still think he’s my boyfriend, which I take to mean we still appear to be in love!  Well, either that or our love seems immature! ( ;

One of my favorite things to do is try new food; easy to do in a diverse and entrepreneurial city like LA!  My love of eating is balanced by a lifestyle of working out (my husband and I like to do this together) and choosing to cook healthy meals at home. I love to cook, read, travel and work on “projects”- most of which I create for myself!

I’m the kind of person who has to have something productive to do even when she’s on vacation.  I tear-up for animal shelter commercials and tend to read beautiful sentences aloud when I’m in a good book. I want to adopt babies someday.

This Blog                                                                                   Blogging is tough for me.  I have to put myself out there and be personal and open when my instincts are to be quiet and reserved and selective.  But I know blogging is a part of becoming a better writer so I’m committing myself to it and to you!

I get the most excited when I read people with whom I can relate!  I hope you find amusement, food for thought, inspiration and connection within these posts.

I love feedback and would enjoy reading your comments!



  1. I know you won’t remember me, but I’m good friends with Lynette and she keeps me posted on what’s going on with her crew. I met you when you lived in Ft. Smith and worked for 5 News. Just wanted to tell you that I love the blog and you absolutely have a writing career in your future!! Very thoughtful words and your love for God and family comes shining through. Hope all is well in LA and our family will be watching The Voice tonight and praying for Josiah’s success.
    Keep up the writing, you truly have a gift!
    Christi Mathews



    1. Christi, thank you for your kind words and encouragement! Writing can be such a lonely thing! Hearing that people are reading energizes me to keep practicing!

      We are so excited about what we’re allowed to do every day! Thank you for your prayers as Josiah competes on The Voice!! We love hearing that people are watching Josiah and cheering him on as he does what he LOVES!



  2. Hana, I sought out an opportunity to contact you tonight after watching Josiah’s great performance and feeling compelled to lift you up in prayer…that you both would be sheltered in peace during such and exciting (and stressful) season of life! We have much in common– between the love of cuisine and cooking, being married to a handsome caucasian male ;), and the love of words. I’m a blogger/writer/artist and appreciate the wrestling you describe with perfectionism and vulnerability online. I would love for you to visit my online home at http://www.gracelaced.com. Grace and peace to you!



  3. Hai Hana, I’m Erika from Indonesia ,, I’ve read your beautiful blog, I like it, and I found that you’re an interesting person 😀

    Well I love food too ,, especially Indonesian food , You must try it, you’ll gonna loveeee them.
    Oh yea you and Josiah should visiting Indonesia, such a beautiful country 🙂

    Best of luck for your family, Hana 🙂




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