I feel as though I’ve inhaled five cups of espresso along with a plate of warm, chocolate-filled croissants!

I just got hired for my second online writing gig as an independent contractor! I’m starting to feel hopeful that a living might be earned with words.  It’s nearly impossible to keep myself from jumping ahead in my thought as I consider what it might be like to write full-time.  I see myself toting my laptop around the world from Miami to Milan with my husband as we travel for music, modeling, and acting jobs!  I have longed to be a part of the creative world that he belongs to and I wonder if this is my chance.  My current contracts call for about as much creativity as a script for an injury lawyer commercial but hey, it’s a start!  I can hone my craft just as easily on articles about auto insurance as I can on small works of fiction!

That Josiah is in an acting class this morning gives me a sense of happy anticipation.  A potential acting agent he spoke with last week signed him up to audit a class taught by an instructor who works with some pretty big names. The last time he took an acting class was in New York which resulted in an audition to be a fleeting love interest of Blake Lively’s character, Serena Van Der Woodsen, on “Gossip Girl.”

We ran lines together over the phone.  He had to stand in front of a bathroom mirror in a cramped NYC apartment he was crashing and I sat at home in Nashville on a couch that had become a NYC taxi.  I’d seen the episode of “Gossip Girl” that the casting director was using as a script for the audition, so I let myself  become Serena Van Der Woodsen (I know, we are SO similar in every way) and encouraged Josiah as he tried to say with ease the kinds of things he would never say in real life.

In preparation for his class this morning we watched “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”  People in the entertainment industry are constantly asking Josiah to define who he is in reference to actors or musicians who have already found success.  Someone mentioned that he might pick up a few things from Robert Redford in his earlier years-maybe watch “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” or “The Natural.”  If someone asked me, I would say Josiah has the earnestness of Ryan Gosling, the wholesomeness of Harry Connick Jr., and the ability to surprise his audience as much as Leonardo DiCaprio.

It’s another perfect day in Southern California and I am feeling optimistic.


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