Macaroni and Cheese

I’m having one of those, “nudge-nudge, push-push” moments as Josiah mouths the words, “I think we need to have him over for dinner” at me.  I nod soundlessly, which prompts my husband to say, “Yeah man,” into the phone, “Come on over.”  I’m working on part three of a final exam essay for my graduate level marketing class while monitoring the poor man’s soup Josiah and I have made for dinner; so my thoughts are everywhere.  My initial instinct is to let a twinge of frustration cross my face, but the thoughtful look on Josiah’s stops me.  It doesn’t matter if we have rock solid plans in place as of ten minutes ago or ten days ago.  That look means whatever just came up is happening.

We’re making a tasty but random soup that we lovingly call “poor man’s soup” because it’s what we eat when we get to the end of our grocery budget. It has morsels of things like ground turkey and left-over vegetables, all simmered down into chicken broth.  It’s the last thing I’d want to share with a guest, especially a person I’ve never met.  It’s ugly, it’s hodge-podge!  What kind of people will he think we are, serving-up the stuff?  Josiah would undoubtedly yell out, “Poor!  We’re poor!”  And I’d laugh and mimic him because it’s what we do when we feel a little tight on funds and don’t want the levity of whatever is looming over us to catch-up with our attitudes.  It usually happens at the grocery store when it would be nice to pick-up a few things that we don’t need.  Dessert usually triggers it for me.  “Babe, I really want to get this Tiramisu (pause for dramatic effect) but I won’t…because we’re POOR!”

It turns out that the friend Josiah invited over is a singer/songwriter who recently moved to Los Angeles.  The boys met each other at a gig they played on Sunset Boulevard a few months ago- before either of them made the move to L.A.

As we settle-in to talk, it doesn’t surprise me that the “nudge-nudge, push-push” sensation is from God.  The best way I can describe this guy from South Carolina is that his personality is as warm and straight-forward as a bowl of mac ‘n cheese!  He tells us point-blank that he needs encouragement from friends who are seeking God more than fame and knowing the “right” people.  Hearing him talk about his transition to L.A., I am reminded that no matter where I go or how uncertain I may feel in a new experience;  there is an immediate sense of being at home when I meet someone who believes in Christ as I do.



  1. Thanks for sharing this Hana! I love it when God has other plans. I can so see how God is using you and Josiah to bring His Kingdom to LA! Oh and I love how you write! Keep it up! Love you guys. 🙂 Vicki



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